VOP 2016-10-12: Palestinian Genocide and Canadian State Complicity

Oct. 7-8: An important conference was held in Vancouver BC entitled Genocide: The Politics of Denial, Forgetting and the Work of Memory. One of the plenary sessions at this conference featured Sid Shniad and Hanna Kawas detailing the long history of Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.

VOP 2016-05-14: Nakba68 with Palestinian Activist Mohammed Khatib

Voice of Palestine cohost Hanna Kawas talks with Mohammed al Khatib, an organizer with the Palestinian Youth Organization in Europe and a Palestinian refugee who grew up in Ein el-Helweh camp currently living in Brussels. They discuss the Nakba 68 anniversary, what it means for Palestinians, the different activities globally to commemorate it and the current situation in Palestine.

VOP 2016-04-02: Heider Abou Ghosh on “Uncovering Canada Park”

Voice of Palestine, Canada relaunches its podcasts! Today, cohost Hanna Kawas talks by phone with Heider Abou Ghosh, who is currently on a cross Canada tour entitled “Uncovering Canada Park: A Dispossessed Palestinian Speaks Out”. Heider is a survivor from Imwas village, one of the 3 Palestinian villages destroyed in the occupied West Bank by Israeli forces.

VOP 2015-07-15: Kevin Neish on Freedom Flotilla III

This week Voice of Palestine presents an in-depth and detailed interview with Kevin Neish, a long time peace activist from Victoria, BC who was part of the last Freedom Flotilla aboard the Marianne and then imprisoned by the Israeli authorities when the ship was brutally seized. This was Kevin’s 2nd time in an Israeli jail, as he is also a Mavi Marmara survivor.

VOP 2015-07-01: The Native and the Refugee

This week Voice of Palestine presents a live, uncut recording of the presentations at the westcoast premiere of videos from Matt Peterson and Malek Rasamny’s documentary project The Native and the Refugee, connecting struggles taking place on Native reservations in the United States and those in Palestinian refugee camps in the Arab world.

VOP 2015-06-04: The JNF, its Racist Policies and Canadian Gov’t Complicity

This week, with the upcoming June 7th Vancouver picket against the JNF dinner, Voice of Palestine presents an interview with Hanna Kawas by Under the Olive Tree CKUT, Montreal. The two-part interview gives a wide-ranging overview of the Jewish National Fund, its establishment and history in promoting Palestinian dispossession, as well as the unbridled support of Canadian government officials.

VOP 2015-05-14: Rev. Naim Ateek on Christian Zionism and the Palestinians

This week, Voice of Palestine presents the second part of our highlights from the recent Canadian Friends of Sabeel conference in Vancouver, April 23-25, 2015. We feature part of the opening night keynote address from Rev. Naim Ateek, and pick up his speech as he first details the historical origins of Christian Zionism, traces its development, and then analyzes its impact on the dispossession of the Palestinians.

VOP 2015-05-05: Christian Zionism’s Influence on the Canadian Government

This week, Voice of Palestine highlights one of the plenary sessions at the recent Canadian Friends of Sabeel conference in Vancouver, April 23-25, 2015. The session, entitled Christian Zionism’s influence on the Canadian government, featured two speakers – Professor Ron Dart from the University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford and Yves Engler, author of Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid, from Montreal.

VOP 2015-04-19: Amos Gvirtz on Palestinian Bedouins

This week Voice of Palestine interviews Amos Gvirtz, an Israeli peace activist currently on a speaking tour to highlight the dispossession of the Palestinian Bedouins in the Negev/Naqab. We talk with Amos about Israel’s discriminatory laws, especially as they adversely affect the Bedouins, as well as the true nature of Zionism and how that impacts the possibilities for genuine peace.

VOP 2015-03-22: Cindy and Craig Corrie on 12 Years Remembering Rachel

This week Voice of Palestine has an in-depth conversation with Cindy and Craig Corrie, the parents of the late Rachel Corrie. We talk with them about the recent 12th anniversary of Rachel’s death and her courageous stand in Gaza, as well as their ongoing legal battles and new developments that have come to light. We also discuss their recent activities in Washington DC and their support of the BDS movement.

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